Mapping on demand with historical, short range, and long range maps going back 19 years and forward 1 year across 18 global regions showing: temps, rainfall, snowfall, UV, sunshine hours, humidity and winds with custom retail/store and demographic overlays.

14-Day Forecast

Single location quick look 1-14 day outlook across thousands of locations around the world.

11-Month Calendar

Single location 1-30 day calendar outlooks out 11-months showing hi/lo temperatures and precipitation trends compared to last year with monthly statistics.

WTI Reports

Several hundred reports on the past year, past month, last week, this week, next month and next year are produced by WTI's team of business meteorologist to help you understand how the weather influenced your business in the past and how it's going to influence your business in the weeks, months and year-ahead anywhere in the world.

Sales Analysis

WTI's analytical tools help you better understand how the weather influenced your sales and what to expect store-by-store or DC-by-DC in the year ahead. Data feeds your planning systems and advertising/marketing plans to achieve millions in ROI. This is a premium service.

Location Charts

Temperature and precipitation trends can be displayed in a chart format for your custom retail geographies or grouping of geographies from 20 years ago to the year ahead. Great tool for planning local, regional or national marketing/advertising events in the right weather for the right product.

20-year Trends

Assessment tool determines just how favorable the weather outlook is for a seasonal product across any geography. Coldest winter in 20-years might want to dramatically increase inventory, warmest in a decade be worried about over stocks and steep markdowns. Proactive advance knowledge is much better than reactive panic markdowns!


Need to visualize the weather past or future across dozens or hundreds of problem with this custom location selection tool that can also export data into excel or csv files for inclusion into your existing planning spreadsheets or systems. Planner evaluates temperatures, HDD/CDDs and precipitation.

Weather Trends International

Weather Trends International is the global leader in long-range business weather guidance & sales analytics for retailers, seasonal category suppliers, financial services, commodities and now consumers. Weather forecasts (temperatures & precipitation) by day, week, month, season and year ahead are available for 6.4 million locations covering every inch of the globe.
weathertrends360 business is a paid business-to-business portal to help you dramatically reduce the inherent risk weather brings your business EVERYDAY! Visualization, analytics and alerting tools are easy to use in wt360 business and exportable into your existing planning, forecasting and replenishment systems.

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